Motivation For Triggers

Why is it that as soon as I get home from work my desire to code == nil?

There was once a time when coding was all I wanted to do in my spare time, solving problems and making stuff work was the most exciting thing. I do still get this excitement, I guess it just seems to happen outside the house these days, probably at the office because thats where we get stuff done! (son)

This year I’ve given myself the goal of launching at least one successful app. Measuring success is a whole other story, but to keep this short – I’ll be happy if I get an app to the app store and a few people download it.

The app I’ve been working on is called Triggers. I’ve built this app before! And launched it quite successfully on the app store. It was one of the first apps I made, I wrote it in ObjC and it made up a large part of my final year university project. This time I’m building it in Swift. I’ve been writing iOS apps in Swift for the last year or so and I absolutely love it! So I’m really looking forward to building a clean, maintainable project that I can share with the world.

Anyway, I wrote this in an attempt to inspire myself to get going with my personal projects and not get stuck in an un-motivated rut. I’m not sure why, but talking about what I’m doing not only gets me more excited to work on it but gets the brain working.

If you want to know more about Triggers check out the link below, if you want to tell me to get my act together and start writing some code give me a shout on the old twitters.